Reader reviews

"There are many self help and leadership books that guide, prescribe, motivate and direct one to be the "best" one can be; Often times, it is hard to determine what the "best" means, what the context and conceptual framework for being so really are and, thereafter, and, then, how to actually put the precepts into practice. Five Seats of Power fills that gap: a book that inspires one to introspect, understand oneself within the context of the "essential" self. Well known personalities from the Mahabharata are the metaphors for different shades and aspects of one's power, principle and presentation. With an incredible mix of the practical, the conceptual coupled with insights that are uniquely Indic, Raghu brings his vast experience as a yogic leader and leadership development expert to bear in this genuinely must-read book that is profoundly practical. This book is only recommended for all who truly wish to be the best they can be in their lives"

- Sanjay Anandaram

“Five Seats of Power by Raghu Ananthanarayanan is not a book to be read in one sitting. It distills the key insights from Mahabharata in an intuitive, compelling and a thought provoking way. I love the way Raghu speaks about Countrepoints for each of the Pandava Archetypes that exist on the side of the Kauravas. These are people that arguably have similar skillsets but might be operating in an adharmic way and that can make all the difference.

There is a glut of Western thinking in Leadership and Personal Transformation, Raghu’s book is a peek into the depth of insight an wisdom that is present in Indian works. It is not easy to distill all the complex ideas and thoughts in a book. This also is much deeper and practical than most other books due to Raghu’s four decades of wisdom in this space and his having tried some of these ideas in the Corporate World.

A deeply transformational experience.”

- Deepak Jayaraman
Executive Coach and Leadership Advisor

“This book amazingly talks about different styles of leadership and where it is contextually applicable. Takes 5 Pandavas as examples, delve deeper into each of their character, followed by two or three stories on its applicability.. The book is only 300 pages but has so much to learn... If you ever want to a good leader, this is the book to read.. Definitely i will read this book every year to make sure i follow these and not forget.”

- Vignesh
(Amazon review)

“Great flow , simple so easy to understand . Fantastic piece of work Raghu. It has lovely flow and I like that kind of language. It takes me to greater depth of understanding the five powers and their propensity and how each propensity operates. Thanks for writing this book.”

- Sushma Sharma
CEO, Resonate Consulting