The five powers

The Pandava princes

The Five Pandava princes in the Mahabharatha personify 5 unique seats of power–each of which is essential for the growth and evolution of an organization. The various stories in the Mahabharatha bring out the different behaviours and the heroic journey of each of these 5 princes and contrast them with those of the Kauravas, who choose a different path.

Order and Structure
(Yudhishthira / King)

Passion and Action
(Bhima / Warrior)

Compassion and Service
(Nakula / Healer)

Curiosity and Knowledge
(Sahadeva / Hermit)

Dharma Sankata and Integration
(Arjuna / The Paradigm Shifter)

This book invites you to explore these 5 power energies within you. What flows naturally and powerfully for you and what makes you feel blocked?

The book guides you to also introspect what would this mean in the roles that you take – professionally and personally.

How these play out in an organization

The role of a king or a judge is critical for setting out policy and regulatory framework and enforcing rules.

Defending its boundaries from competitors and expanding these boundaries: this evokes the archetypal pattern of a warrior or an explorer. Questioning the current paradigm evokes the pattern of the paradigm shifter.

Creating ingroup solidarity among members of the organization brings out the pattern of a healer and creating knowledge & technology evokes the pattern of a hermit.

As you can see, this is clearly distinguished from the idea of a title like VP, Trainee and so on. It is important to note that this is also distinguished from functions such as sales, finance, and marketing. All these 5 energies lie within each one of us–how do we play the roles in our various contexts?