Becoming the best you can be

Each one of us is a unique configuration of these 5 powers (Go to for a quick and easy Pandava Profile or reach out to us at connect AT 5seatsofpower DOT in for a detailed profile!)

This configuration comes from a combination of our gifts as well as our life experiences. We discover what empowers us and what derails us; we also get in touch with a wish to discover our deepest potential.

Unfortunately, most of the advice or tips we receive at best enable outward change leaving us unfulfilled, and at worst leave us with a lower sense of worth or push towards becoming some body that we truly are not!

An acorn can only grow to become an oak tree! Such an authentic behavioural change cannot happen without a step of reflective self-transformation.

About TAO and the TAO way

Becoming the best that you can be has been author Raghu's lifelong mantra at work too. He is the founder of Totally Aligned Organization (TAO), a management consulting company offering organization transformation solutions. He and the TAO team have helped organizations deliver business excellence, operational excellence and agile software development. TAO's unique methodologies and principles developed over 40 years of work across hundreds of organizations are called the TAO way and in essence they draw on the insights in the book, Five Seats of Power.

The book and the work at TAO help you through this journey of transformation not just at a personal level but also for your group or organization!