About the book

In Five Seats of Power, Raghu Ananthanarayanan uses insights from the Yoga Sutras and the Mahabharata to offer principles and practices to enable behavioural transformation. Transformation that in turn will ignite an individual's natural genius. He presents each of the five Pandavas - Yudhishthira, Bhima, Arjuna, Nakula and Sahadeva as an archetype of a particular kind of power: of order and stability, of passion and action, of compassion & service, knowledge & curiosity and of Dharma Sankata & integration respectively. Drawing on each of these archetypal energies, he explores the functional and dysfunctional aspects of the use of power. He examines how in order to mobilize one's heroic potential, a person must celebrate their desirable qualities while resolving the dark and compulsive energies within themselves.

The book also includes interviews with visionary business leaders, such as N.R. Narayana Murthy and S. Ramadorai, that exemplify the lessons gathered from analysing the heroes from the Mahabharata.

The five powers

The Five Pandava princes in the Mahabharatha personify 5 unique seats of power–each of which is essential for the growth and evolution of an organization.

Order and Structure
(Yudhishthira / King)

Passion and Action
(Bhima / Warrior)

Compassion and Service
(Nakula / Healer)

Curiosity and Knowledge
(Sahadeva / Hermit)

Dharma Sankata and Integration
(Arjuna / The Paradigm Shifter)

This book invites you to explore these 5 power energies within you. What flows naturally and powerfully for you and what makes you feel blocked?


Case study

For each power, the book showcases a case study on how leaders with such power can realize their full potential.

Shanti’s Dilemma

Shanti was a very talented filmmaker. She started her career making insightful documentaries on very controversial subjects. Her talents and abilities resulted in a scholarship to study and work with some of the very best filmmakers and film teachers in the U.S.

On her return to India she was surprised and thrilled to be offered a leadership role in setting up a television production house by a prominent film producer which she accepted.

However, on the job, she faced several challenges which led her to examine herself and her own leadership style.


About the author

Raghu Ananthanarayanan is the Founder of management consulting firm TAO, where he has spent decades in developing and refining innovative solutions to organization development problems. TAO has worked with an incredibly diverse set of clients, both small organizations and large conglomerates, across industry sectors.

All his work involves helping individuals, groups and organizations discover their dharma and become the best they can be.

He is currently one of the chief mentors at Ritambhara Ashram in the Nilgiris. He has co-founded many organizations focused on inner transformation and its application in various fields. He has also authored several books and papers on yoga, inner transformation and organizational alignment.

Becoming the best you can be

Each one of us is a unique configuration of these 5 powers (Go to https://my.5seatsofpower.in/ for a quick and easy Pandava Profile or reach out to us at connect AT 5seatsofpower DOT in for a detailed profile!)

This configuration comes from a combination of our gifts as well as our life experiences. We discover what empowers us and what derails us; we also get in touch with a wish to discover our deepest potential.

Unfortunately, most of the advice or tips we receive, at best enable some outward change leaving us unfulfilled, and at worst leave us with a lower...


Learning from the Masters

The book includes first person account by six well-known personalities on their individual leadership journeys.

Reader reviews

“ Great flow , simple so easy to understand . Fantastic piece of work Raghu. It has lovely flow and I like that kind of language. It takes me to greater depth of understanding the five powers and their propensity and how each propensity operates. Thanks for writing this book.”

- Sushma Sharma
CEO, Resonate Consulting


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